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Saltwater vs Freshwater Reel

Saltwater vs Freshwater Reel

Saltwater vs Freshwater Reel South Eastern Fishing & Tackle

Today’s saltwater rods and reels are high-tech tools that use space-age materials and precision workmanship to handle tough elements and tough fish. In comparison, freshwater rods and reels can offer the same advantages but require consideration when either saltwater or freshwater is the case.

In order to maximize your spinning reel lifespan and to avoid picking the wrong product you should learn what distinct`s them and what is the purpose of each one.

Salt is very brutal to the metal, that is the reason why saltwater fishing reels are made from stainless steel and other non-corroding components. Even that kind of reels take some damage from salt water over a long time

Freshwater spinning reels absolutely have their place too, when you are mostly fishing in non-brackish waters, but when you still decide to try some salty water body, remember to always rinse the reel afterwards. Despite of that, they are not really good choice for long term use, because sooner or later, when interest in saltwater fishing may rise, you still need corrosion resistant reel.

So if you are going to choose only one, we suggest saltwater equipment that would cover both and despite the expense, would last longer

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