Cotee Liv' Eye Action Jig Baits


  • $2.99

Cotee Bait Co. was founded in 1983 by Steve Marusak, an enthusiastic angler and design engineer. Today, Cotee is dedicated to pushing the threshold of research and manufacturing technology to bring you the best fishing products possible.

The first advancement was of the until-then lowly jig. The Liv' Eye Action Jig soon proved to the fishing world that jigs were not simple balls of lead on a hook. Other innovations followed, including the Rattlin' Jig, Pro-Bait fish attractant, Rattlin' Spoons, Floating Sportsman Pliers and others, including the award-winning Buttoneye Minnow and Buttoneye Jerk Fishing Systems.

And the work goes on at Cotee. With a premium placed on innovation and quality, the mission is to carry anglers into the 21st Century by providing the tools they need to catch fish and have a more enjoyable time on the water.

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