Shimano Terez Conventional Rods

Shimano Terez Conventional Rods


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The first ever fishing rod built to fish PowerPro. Using Shimano's TC4 HM technology we have created the lightest and most powerful rod ever built. Using EVA grips and custom Shimano Aluminum Reel Seats matched with the new Fuji K Guide with Alconite Rings, this rod series is built to perfection. Both spinning and casting rods range from 15 lb to 100 lb top shots. These rods are a perfect match for Trinidad A, Stella and Thunnus.
  • TC4 Blank Construction
  • Smallest Diameter Blank
  • Actions to fish Waxwing with PowerPro
  • Custom shaped grips
  • Fuji K Style Frames
  • Fuji Alconite Rings
  • Custom Skeletonized Aluminum Reel Seat


Model Number  Length  Power  Action  PowerPro Line 
TZC66HBLK  6'6  Heavy  Fast  50-150 
TZC66XHBLK  6'6  Extra Heavy  Fast  65-200 
TZC66XXHBLK  6'6  Extra Extra Heavy  Fast  80-200 
TZCX66HBLK  6'6  Heavy  Extra Fast  50-150 
TZCX66XHBLK  6'6  Extra Heavy  Extra Fast  65-200 
TZCX66XXHBLK  6'6  Extra Extra Heavy  Extra Fast  80-200 
TZC70HBLK  7'0  Heavy  Fast  50-100 
TZC70MBLK  7'0  Medium  Fast  30-65 
TZC70MHBLK  7'0  Medium Heavy  Fast  40-80 
TZC70XHBLK  7'0  Extra Heavy  Fast  65-200 
TZCX70MHBLK  7'0  Medium Heavy  Extra Fast  40-80 
TZC80HBLK  8'0  Heavy  Fast  50-100 
TZC80MBLK  8'0  Medium  Fast  40-80 
TZC80MHBLK  8'0  Medium Heavy  Fast  40-80 
TZC80MLBLK  8'0  Medium Light  Fast  20-50 

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