Barracuda Flats Cast Net (0.8lb/ft)

Barracuda Flats Cast Net (0.8lb/ft)


  • $119.00

This is the ultimate net for catching bait in the flats!

This series has an ultra light .80 pound per foot lead line that won't wear you out but still slams the bait down to 4' deep. It is built using longer lead specially designed to glide over the grass while holding the bait in, this keeps your deck clean and free of debris.

This net was actually designed in a team effort between Barracuda and Tim Whitfield a Tampa Bay guide with many years of experience fishing inshore waters. Even though it is lighter our special mesh helps it sink faster than any net in its class. Don't let its light weight fool you, it is still a Barracuda!

Barracuda Flats Cast Nets Feature:

  • Unique 6-panel construction
  • Custom Extruded, Premium Monofilament
  • Ultra soft and thick 30' Hand Line
  • Big 3.5" subdivided horn to keep your braille lines perfect
  • 100lb braille lines
  • Super duty 12/0 swivel
  • .8lb/ft grass free proprietary lead
  • Higher braille line count than industry standard
  • Marine Grade Rope Handle bucket
  • The only lifetime cast net warranty in the business!

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