Black Pearl Cast Net 8' (CG-XTS Super Heavy)

Black Pearl Cast Net 8' (CG-XTS Super Heavy)

Black Pearl

  • $259.99

This Super Heavy series of cast nets are used for deeper water applications at a much heavier 1.9 lb per ft., designed for the larger, super fast species of live bait fish and for the much more experienced cast net thrower because of its EXTRA weight. These cast nets were designed with the main focus to catch the faster swimming saltwater species or in deeper water depths where "Speed is the Need". This Super Heavy series cast net features the same qualities as the CG-XTS Gold Series cast nets except for its heavier weight. The All New 2017 Black Pearl CG-XTS (Commercial Grade - Xtreme Tuff Series) cast nets were designed around our old Gold Series in which our high end quality and impressive high performance Black Pearl cast nets are known for, the only it JUST GOT BETTER!! Look no further for the highest performing and strongest bait net on the planet, separating ourselves in our own league of strength and performance for every charter captain or serious angler that simply needs the best when every throw counts. Weighted slightly heavier at 1.65 lb. per ft., the NEW CG-XTS Golds are designed to be used in deeper water applications where the larger and faster species of live bait school up, using in shallower water also makes for a great catch by scooping up large amounts easily and effortlessly. It's heavy duty commercial grade yet limp material, in combination with its super-fast sink rate, X-Large panel measurement dimensions for opening easier with our Max Spread design, smaller marble leads for tangle resistant casts and a much tighter ocean/lake bottom seal (due to marble leads being just 2" apart), make the New CG-XTS the ultimate choice for any serious bait catching angler. Whether you're a beginner, average fisherman or fishing the Pro Staff Tournaments, having that extra professional performance edge can be the difference in a good day of fishing compared to a stellar day that produced a lifetime memory. Performance is priceless, it's the difference between just plain losing instead of walking to the winners circle. There's a special unexplainable feeling when the first throw performs by filling your bait tank and not having to waste any more precious time just trying to catch live bait. Here at Black Pearl, we are true believers in the "One Throw and Go Attitude!" The Black Pearl CG-XTS has all of the upgraded Commercial Grade - Xtreme Tuff features including the 30 Ft. 3/8" floating hand line, Gold double selvage at the horn and leadline for double thickness and double strength, 1,500 lb. black brass swivel for rustproof and overbuilt strength, X-Large 6 panel Max Spread design and the upgraded Large 31/4" commercial grade 4-way horn for quick loading and unloading of baits. By combining all of the upgraded features along with stronger monofilament netting, while maintaining an extraordinary limpness, look no more, Black Pearl truly is the leader in cast netting professional performance that every educated angler will appreciate and love to throw!

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