Bubba Blade 9" STIFFIE Blade Fillet Knife

Bubba Blade 9" STIFFIE Blade Fillet Knife

Bubba Blade

  • $69.99

The Bubba Blade 9in Stiffie Knife is a heavier knife with 2mm blade thickness. This knife is perfect for powering through big fish or game with total control, and is great for carving meat. The specially designed beveled edge of this knife is sushi chef style which allows for thinner cuts. The blade is also non stick coated. This knife features full tang construction, made from a single piece of steel that provides strength, stability, and balances the knife. This knife also features a trigger grip, and thumb and finger pads for total control. This knife also has safety guards for protection from the blade as well as spines of fish. The handle is a no slip grip textured handle made from thermoplastic polymer and wrapped with special synthetic rubber that stays sticky when wet for total grip security. This knife is factory sharpened by hand. This knife also includes a custom black synthetic sheath.

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