Costa Del Mar - Anaa (Shiny Black / Crystal/Lt Blue)

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The ANAA Story

Named after one of the most unspoiled beaches in the world, Costa's Anaa sunglasses put the play in a day on the playa. Rocking a full-coverage teacup shape, these 100% polarized Costa woman's sunglasses are the best fit and friend of beachcombers who spend their days under the sun casually cruising the boardwalk or voyagers who grab their surfboards and get on the water to hunt for their next great adventure.
Frame/Lens Combinations:
  • ANA 97 OCP - Copper 580P
  • ANA 97 OGP - Gray 580P
  • ANA 97 OBMP - Blue Mirror 580P
  • ANA 97 OGMP - Green Mirror 580P
  • ANA 97 OSCP - Silver Mirror 580P
  • ANA 97 OCGLP - Copper Glass - W580
  • ANA 97 OGGLP - Gray Glass - W580
  • ANA 97 OBMGLP - Blue Mirror Glass - W580
  • ANA 97 OGMGLP - Green Mirror Glass - W580

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