KA406 Green Underwater Dock Light

KA406 Green Underwater Dock Light


  • $349.99

KeepAliveKA406 green underwater dock light provides the angler with 90 watts of efficient night fishing. Producing 8100 lm of green light, its special configuration, transmits brightness (beam focus) at greater distances with lower power, than other designs using the same power. Green light provides hours of enjoyment and fishing at your own dock.   1)    7 meters (23’) power leads. 2)    30,000 hours of bright and efficient LEDs. 3)    Efficient round design. Focus beam extends further than other designs. Focus Beam surrounds the light 360 degrees and shines downward 120 degrees. 4)    Watertight to depths up to 100’.       5)    Operates on 120 volts AC. 6)    Hanger for tethering. 7)    Compact for easy storage. 8)    Designed for use in a marine environment.

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