Keep Alive KA30003 GLO 30 Gal. Tank

Keep Alive KA30003 GLO 30 Gal. Tank

Keep Alive

  • $279.99

Using the longest lasting rare earth photolumincent powders available, this Patented Night Fishing Bait Tank will keep a dull glow all night. Bait can be retrieved without the bright lights that spook bait.  To charge, leave in sunlight during the day, or charge with spotlight. Our construction process uses the brightest and longest lasting glow material available (rare earth photolumincent powders). It is part of the tank material, and is imbedded inside the tank where it is most effective Includes: 21"w x 21"h Tank Glow Interior Recessed Drain Handles Built in Air Control Center Hold-Down Plate For KeepAlive 13" Hinged Lid with Twist Locks Molded In Graphics

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