Mann's Three-For-All Rigged Lure, Color: Smokey Joe

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Mann's Three-For-All resembles a small group of baitfish. This is comprised of one soft plastic lure with one weedless jighead and three minnow-shaped attractors. The Three-For-All uses a patented Hardnose manufacturing process to keep the bodies separated when fished. The lure meets a one-hook requirement and can be easily fished on standard equipment. This Three-For-All includes one lure rigged with a ½-oz. weedless jig and two spare bodies. Works on many species in both fresh and salt water. Resembles a small group of baitfish Patented Hardnose® process keeps bodies separated when fished Includes a lure rigged with a 1/2-oz. weedless jig and 2 spare bodies Color: Smokey Joe

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