Quantum Cabo Spinning Reel

Quantum Cabo Spinning Reel


  • $189.95

The Cabo PTsE Spinning Reels represent the absolute pinnacle of Quantum saltwater tackle, and is built to take on whatever tries to take you on! Cabo PT reels feature our legendary TiMAG II titanium fail-proof bail with magnetic trip, as well as 8 PT bearings and our exclusive SaltGuard II multi-layered corrosion protection finish. The new Quantum Cabo PTsE Spinning Reels have the ultra smooth drag that Cabo’s have always been known for plus can achieve up to 65 pounds of drag power. With a triple supported shaft and the only forged and machined stainless steel drive gear in the industry, you can trust it will handle more than the guy holding it can. 8 PT bearings (7 + clutch) Sealed Magnum CSC ceramic, stainless steel and carbon fiber drag system Sealed Magnum clutch TiMag II titanium fail-proof bail wire with magnetic trip SaltGuard II multi-layer corrosion protection finish SCR aluminum body and side cover Designed specifically for saltwater use.


Based on Mono Line Capacity:

CSP40PTSE- [Gear Ratio 5.3:1, 7+1 Bearings, 30Lb Drag, Line Capacity 230Yd/10Lb, Weight 13.4oz.]

CSP50PTSE- [Gear Ratio 5.3:1, 7+1 Bearings, 35Lb Drag, Line Capacity 225Yd/12Lb, Weight 13.8oz.]

CSP60PTSE- [Gear Ratio 4.9:1, 7+1 Bearings, 45Lb Drag, Line Capacity 300Yd/14Lb, Weight 24.2oz.]

CSP80PTSE- [Gear Ratio 4.9:1, 7+1 Bearings, 50Lb Drag, Line Capacity 300Yd/20Lb, Weight 24.9oz.]

CSP100PTSE- [Gear Ratio 4.4:1, 7+1 Bearings, 60Lb Drag, Line Capacity 430Yd/20Lb, Weight 32.6oz.]

CSP120PTSE- [Gear Ratio 4.4:1, 7+1 Bearings, 65Lb Drag, Line Capacity 530Yd/20Lb, Weight 33oz.]  

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