Quantum PT Hot Sauce Reel Oil & Grease


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Quantum Hot Sauce Reel Oil

Quantum®'s special low-viscosity Hot Sauce™ Reel Oil formulation provides enhanced spool acceleration, increasing spool speed by up to 30% on the cast. The super-slick Hot Sauce Reel Oil forms a permanent molecular bond with internal metal parts that will never wear off, ensuring a lifetime of smooth, trouble-free performance. Plus, the versatility of Hot Sauce makes it well suited for all freshwater and saltwater applications regardless of style or brand of reel.

  • Enhances spool acceleration
  • Increases spool speed
  • Forms a permanent molecular bond


Quantum Hot Sauce Reel Grease

Hydrophobic formula forces water away to prevent corrosion and structural breakdown. Quantum® Hot Sauce™ Reel Grease will not deteriorate due to heat and wear. This reel grease is formulated with super-low friction polymers that bond to all metal parts to ensure optimum performance for the life of your fishing reel.

  • Formulated with super-low friction polymers
  • Prevents corrosion and structural breakdown
  • Will not deteriorate due to heat and wear

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