Shimano Casitas Baitcasting Reel


  • $99.99

The Shimano Casitas Low Profile Baitcasting Reels are designed around a strong and aggressive theme. Shimano used an image of a snake ready to strike its prey for inspiration of this reel. These reels also feature sleek gunmetal gray paint, and unrivaled appearance. These reels are simple and versatile with a fierce, aggressive body design.

  • Shimano Stable Spool Design: Utilizes Shimano machining technology and knowledge to create a spool with uniform thickness throughout. The result is a spool with incredible balance and reduced vibration during casting. Providing the angler with a smooth and efficient cast.
  • Shimano Variable Brake System: Internal centrifugal brake performance combined with external rapid adjustment. Delivers unparalleled adjustability taking precision cast adjustment to the next level.


Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings

Line Cap. (Test/Yd.)

CAS150HG Right 7.2:1 6.7 4BB + 1RB 12/110, 14/90
CAS151 Left 6.3:1 6.7 4BB + 1RB 12/110, 14/90
CAS151HG Left 7.2:1 6.7 4BB + 1RB 12/110, 14/90

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