Shimano Sojourn Spinning Rods

Shimano Sojourn Spinning Rods


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The new Shimano Sojourn Spinning Rods are lightweight and highly durable. They come in the most popular actions and offer a custom look at a competitive price.


Model Number  Length  Power  Action  Lure Rating
SJS66MB 6'6" Medium Fast 1/8-5/8
SJS66MHB 6'6"

Medium Heavy

Fast 1/4-3/4
SJS70MB 7'0" Medium Fast 1/4-3/4
SJS70MHB 7'0" Medium Heavy Fast 1/4-1
SJS70M2A 7'0" Medium Fast 1/4-3/4
SJS70HA 7'0" Heavy Fast 1/2-3

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